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* Do you know what the AAAA record is?

Suggested article from our blog: What is an AAAA record?

The AAAA DNS record is “the next-level” A DNS record. It also contains a hostname and the IP address, but the futuristic part is the type of address – IPv6!

Here you can find an example of an AAAA record.

The AAAA record needs two main components:

  • The domain name/host
  • The address (IPv6) where the domain name/host is located

The only real difference between it and the previously widely used A record is the address type IPv6 vs. IPv4. The new one has more available addresses and will soon take over completely.

How to create a DNS AAAA record?

The AAAA record is a newer DNS record, in comparison with the A record. It has the same purpose, but the only big difference is that the new one uses IPv6 instead of IPv4.